• Scrooge’s Secret Stash AAAA Tuna Cans (3.5g/7g)


    The inception of Scrooge Secret Stash legendary strains comes from a blend of the 1994 Super Skunk, 1992 OG Kush, and of course, the 1970s cut of Afghan Kush. Ideal for baby growers, thanks to its easy-to-grow nature, the Scrooge Secret Stash is ideal for indoor cultivation.


    With the aid of fertilizers, you can do no wrong when it comes to this strain. With just a little care, this strain will never disappoint come harvest season. However, be sure to get the amount of fertilizer if you are looking to get the strain bulked up. Furthermore, the Secret Stash grows tall with large buds sandwiched with an incredible smell. one that is typical of the White Fire and a slight touch of fine OG strain.


    This indica/sativa variety strain (Scrooge Secret Stash) is grown indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. Irrespective of where this great strain is cultivated, it requires a flowering time of 60-70 days. Furthermore, this THC dominant variety does not come in fermoinized seed and is only available in specific seed banks. Ideal for experienced growers only, this strain is every grower’s dream. Engineered by its medium/high yields come harvest season.


    The Scrooge Secret Stash cannabis strain comes with a THC standing tall at 20%, CBD recorded at 0% sandwiched with a 1% CBG. Ideal for seasoned cannabis users and enthusiasts means this strain should be treated with care, especially by the newbies.

    Taste and Flavors

    Blessed with large beautiful buds, they range from light green to purple sandwiched with low fan leaves. Its sticky nature is due to its sweet skunky aroma, which blends well with its rich flavors that mimic incense and pine. Ideal for an afternoon adventure, this strain will leave your head in the clouds and your body at ease.

    Health Benefits

    The potency of this strain means it can serve as treatment for

    • Chronic Pain
    • Loss of Appetite
    • Migraines
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Insomnia


    Some effects associated with the use of this strain include the strains (Scrooge Secret Stash) ability to leave its users

    • Relaxed
    • Happy
    • Euphoric
    • Uplifted
    • Creative
    • Sleepy

    Side Effects

    However, some of its side effects, especially for newbies or first-timers of this great strain, include

    • Dry mouth
    • Anxious
    • Dry eyes
    • Head aches
    • Comes in:


    El Chapo

    Lucky Lime

    Kush Mint

    Scrooge OG

    Berner’s Cookies

  • Rise & Grind Elixir – CBD Matcha – 1 Packet

    Discover our new energize and recover beverage. This detoxifying Sweet Matcha with CBD powder is made from finally ground green tea leaves, CBD powder and sweetened perfectly for an amazing sweet matcha taste:

    • Matcha Green powder is packed with rich antioxidants.
    • Rich in fiber, chlorophyll, vitamins C, selenium zinc, and magnesium
    • Matcha is a perfect alternative for caffeine is you don’t fancy coffee.
    • Great for inflammation and soreness caused by stress.

    “Feel the benefits without the high.”

  • Rise & Grind Elixir – CBD Hot Chocolate – 1 Packet

    Looking for a beverage solution before bed, perhaps something that will help you drift off into the night?

    Our CBD hot chocolate elixir is convenient for easy consumption. Rise & Grind Reishi and lions mane hot chocolate is delicious and perfect for evening recovery. We couldn’t just stop at chocolate so we added a few other goodies:

      • Reishi mushroom extract to help boost immunity and support deep sleep.
      • Raw cacao is packed with antioxidants and a great aphrodisiac before bed.
      • CBD to calm the mind while recovering from inflammation.
      • Monk fruit, old dutch hot chocolate, and vanilla cater as the perfect sweeteners to make it super yummy.

    “Feel the benefits without the high.”

  • PlatinumX THC Chocolate Bars (Assorted Flavours – 500mg/1000mg of THC)

    Premium Hand Crafted Gourmet Canna Bar, Containing High Potency Of Lab Tested Full Spectrum Extract Sourced From The Finest Cannabis Available. PlatinumX Canna Bars Offer The Perfect Blend Of Cannabis And Confections.

    Product contains medical cannabis which may alter mood and provide intoxicating effects. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN AND PETS. For adult use only. Cannabis may impair concentration, coordination, and judgement. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence.

  • NudeShrooms Edible Chocolate Mushrooms

    NudeShrooms chocolates are the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy psilocybin mushrooms. Magic Mushroom edibles are the best solution for easy and accurate dosing.

  • Nerds Rope Very Berry Candy


    Nerds Rope Very Berry Gummy Candy is sure to satisfy any sweet craving! A chewy center that is completely covered in Nerds Candy! This has to be one of Willy Wonka’s best candies ever! Every bite is filled with an immense sweet flavour, the inside is luscious and chewy and the outside is perfectly crunchy! This candy is like two treats in one! 

  • Mystic Medibles CBD Sour Berry Bombs

    There are many benefits with CBD and we have created an enjoyable treat to achieve your medical needs. CBD is known to relieve anxiety, pain and also enhances your mood. If you are having trouble sleeping, this CBD Sour Berry Bomb will be sure to ease your mind, relax your body and you’ll be sure to see an improvement. Each package contains 15 pieces of 20mg CBD with a total of 300mg per pack.

    Total CBD content per package: 300mg

    CBD content per candy: 20mg

    Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, fruit juice, vegan gelatin, natural and artificial colours, citric acid, CBD infused hemp oil

    Allergy information: This product may contain traces of peanuts, coconut, soy, wheat and dairy products.

  • Nerds Rope Spooky Halloween Candy


    Nerds Rope Spooky Halloween Gummy Candy is sure to satisfy any sweet craving! A chewy center that is completely covered in Nerds Candy! This has to be one of Willy Wonka’s best candies ever! Every bite is filled with an immense sweet flavour, the inside is luscious and chewy and the outside is perfectly crunchy! This candy is like two treats in one!

  • Nerds Gummy Clusters


    They’re sweet and gummy on the inside, just like Nerds Rope, and crunchy on the outside, just like the original Nerds!

    Deliciously chewy berry-flavoured rounds are rolled in crispy Nerds candies for a new candy experience like none other! Get a taste of both tangy & sweet, and chewy & crunchy with the help of Nerds Gummy Clusters.
    A wickedly awesome balance of flavours and textures in each bite-sized candy. After trying this Nerds variety, you will find yourself reaching for more and more each time!

  • Mike and Ike Mega Mix Sour Chewy Candies Theater Box


    Don’t you just love when your movie has an exciting plot twist? We do too, and so does Mike And Ike! With the Mega Mix Sour Chewy Candies Theater Box, movie nights will never be dull! Coming in ten, yes 10 intense and fruity sour flavours, Sour Zappin’ Apple, Sour Screamin’ Cherri, Sour Green Limeade, Sour Power Pineapple, Sour Grape Soda, Sour Slammin’ Strawberry, Sour Juicy Lemon, Sour Pucker Punch, Sour Watermelon Wipeout, and last but not least Sour Shockin’ Raspberry! That was a sour mouthful, and it will be for you too! Try them all for that sensational sour power taste! A must have sour candy for any time, and of course every sour candy lover around!

  • Lure Therapeutics – White Dragon Pain Stick (1:1 – 300mg THC/1:1 300mg CBD)

    The White Dragon Pain Stick contains Menthol Crystals, which their cooling sensation makes it ideal for addressing aches, pains, cramps, sprains, and irritation. The pain stick will help relax muscles and can be used as decongestant agents for their ability to promote the feeling of airways opening up. The pain stick is high in antioxidants and contains cloves, which is used to create a numbing sensation, and help increase blood circulation. Ideal application for post-workout fatigue muscles.

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