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Mood Enhancing edibles are a tasty and delicious way to enjoy Magic Mushrooms. These Energy Balls are hand crafted, artisanal, and premium infused with a fixed dosage of psilocybin. Using 100 % organic ingredients, Get Baked On Magic Energy Balls will take you on an incredible and fun journey of self discovery and fun. Using all natural ingredients such as almonds, cocoa, coconut, almond and peanut butter, chia, and chocolate you are sure in for a delicious treat. Magic mushrooms are known to have a profound impact on your happiness and well being. Proven to aid in the formation of new neural connections, and used to increase creativity and productivity. Made with almonds, protein, oats and dark chocolate, these sweet edible goodies will give you a boost while satisfying your palate and delighting your senses.


Increased empathy and perception, boosted creativity, enhanced colours, feelings of euphoria, and increased spiritual connection. While psilocybin can be used recreationally, many people use it therapeutically to reduce anxiety and ease depression.


Each Energy Ball contains 2g of Magic Mushrooms.
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Get Baked On Magic – Energy Balls